Nikos Baxevanis

This website is for the hacker (see note below) and programmer side of me. Most of my open-source work, and blog posts, can be found here. The software developer and systems engineer side of me can be found in startups, KBMax being the most recently acquired one.

“Hackers are generally loners who don’t care if others can figure out their code (at least while they are in the mode or role of hacking). Thus, they build their own little world in it that fits themselves nicely so that they can hack fast, but the rest of the world be damned.”



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“One of the best developers I've ever worked with is @nikosbaxevanis. Please don't steal him from my team!”
--Mark Seemann, author of Dependency Injection Principles, Practices, and Patterns
“Solid development skills. When Nikos submits a pull request, it is a cold day in hell that it doesn't work.”
--Kevin Bennett, co-founder and CTO of KBMax
“I learned a huge amount from Nikos, especially about F# programming and the more advanced aspects of unit testing.”
--Mike Hadlow, freelance software consultant and blogger


Contact me about software-related topics via Email, Twitter, or GitHub. If you need encrypted transport to talk to me, email me and ask me for my number on Signal.